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I'm a parI've QUIT the NORMAL LIFE in order to find SIMPLE WAYS of living. I've disconnected from the rat race to find the BETTER REALITY and live life that's fulfilled with ADVENTURES and FUN rather than slaving away from 9 to 5. Recently, after the car accident, I've accidentally been introduced to the NATURISM. I have fallen in love with this NAKED lifestyle, especially, having lived in a very conservative, stereotyped country where everything is seen as a taboo Being naked in the public has really changed my mindset and opened up a whole new world for me, especially the aspect of FREEDOM that we tend to lack when stuck in our boring daily ways and routines, not being able to see the way out. BUT - There's a WAY OUT! 

Therefore I have decided that I want to inspire and educate people about the NATURISM. It's not only about exposing the physical body, but includes the other aspects such as  - connecting with the nature, become more self-sufficient, more productive, happier, healthier and FREER, etc!!!

I've documented my whole journey from the very beginning which you can WATCH on the Playlist "The Vagabond" on my YouTube channel. I'm always honest - sharing everything - the UPs and DOWNs, RAW EMOTIONS, INTENSE FEELINGS and PERSONAL VIEWS about the life as such.

I am always keen to research and try out new things, find ways how to sustain my current lifestyle for as long as possible. Your help would be soooooo much appreciated. CLICK HERE to redirect you to my PATREON page. Any help would do the magic and allow me to continue this journey and inspire others to do the same - BREAK THE RULES and just GO FOR IT - whatever they wish to achieve in life. 

Thank you very much for taking time to read this. (I will be making a small intro video shortly, meanwhile have a look at the link that I've put here https://youtu.be/SauoD7YNQQg
which will lead you to one of my existing videos on my YouTube Channel - please SUBSCRIBE xx)

Wishing you all the best,